How to Get the Wildseed Cradle Flying Mount (Guide)

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A lot of the Mounts in World of Warcraft are pretty hard to farm as most of them are RNG based which can be annoying. Not this one though. The Wildseed Cradle is very easy to get and here at Battle Shout we are going to show you how.

We do recommend using a level 60 character to speed up the process as there are two short combats involved. This can be done on a lower character from level 50+.

Unlocking this mount on a level 60 character only takes about five minutes to complete when reading this guide.

How do I get the Cradle Mount?

All we need to do is help Twinklestar find her missing tools. Twinklestar can be found at Tirna Vaal in Ardenweald. This isn’t a quest but she does tell us a little story about how she made it out safely but lost her tools. After telling us her story we offer to search for her tools and head straight over to Garden of Night.

Garden of Night

In Garden of Night we are looking for 5 tools. Gardener’s Basket, Gardener’s Hammer, Diary of Night and Gardener’s Flute.  As these are not quest items they are only highlighted when you hover the cursor over them. They are still pretty easy to find. In the picture below we have marked the locations for ease of access.

Gardener’s Basket is just right next to the pond at the edge of the Barkskin.

Gardener’s Hammer is located right in the middle of the broken cart.

Diary of the Night is located on a balcony in the tree. Just on the desk right next to the pan flute.

Gardener’s Flute is just next to these seeds. Careful though. It is guarded by 4 Sicklethorn Slicers!

Gardener’s Wand is located just under the cart. It is also guarded by a Sicklethorn Slicer.

Once you have all 5 items click on any of the tools in your bags to combine all 5 items into “Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit and head back over to Twinklestar to give her the Gardening Toolkit back. She will now give us a buff called “Moonsight” which reveals a treasure right behind Twinklestar.

Simply click on the treasure and it will contain the “Wildseed Cradle” and some random seeds.

Congratulations! You have now obtained the Wildseed Cradle Mount to show off to your friends!

Video Guide:

Final thoughts

This great looking mount that makes you look like a relaxed player is really easy and quick to unlock. Taking not more than 5 minutes to unlock, we here at Battle Shout enjoyed the short but fun story. It’s a great addition to your collection. We do hope you enjoyed reading this guide. Please make sure to check out our other awesome guides and blogs. With no more to add to this guide we hope you have a great day.



Question: How do you get the cradle mount in Ardenweald?

Answer: By opening the treasure after collecting Twinklestars tools.

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