WoW Dragonflight Factions Overview

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With the introduction of Dragonflight, WoW has given us 4 new major factions as the focal point for this expansion. In this article we will briefly explore these factions, how to obtain reputation and talk around the new Renown system.

What are the new Dragonflight Factions?

Dragonflight has introduced a system which supports a mix of covenants from Shadowlands and the old school reputation grind. You are able to gain access to all factions immediately from the moment you step foot in Dragonflight. You can read more about the changes here regarding what is different within Dragonflight and the factions.

Dragonscale Expedition

This faction is a joint force with the Explorers’ League from the Alliance side and Reliquary from the Horde side. This faction’s main aim is seeking knowledge and artifacts based within the Dragon Isles. This faction will reward you with knowledge on treasures within the Dragon Isles as well as power up travel Waygates within the zone which will be useful when traveling the continent.

Iskaara Tuskarr

The Tuskarr are well known for their first appearance in WoW via The Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This faction is based on community and brings together some fun yet rewarding benefits. This includes improving your fishing experience as well as an all player event called the Community Feast will reward all adventurers.

Maruuk Centaur

The Centaur mainly occupy the Ohn’Ahran Plains and have multiple clans that all share that same culture. The Centaur are hunters and travelers across the plains who are at peace with the dragons but will be cautious with us when we first arrive. Rewards with this faction will include special hunt events and escort events for camps moving which will reward you lucratively.

Valdrakken Accord

Valdrakken is the capital of the Dragon Isles. The Accord is a joint force of all the aspects who are there to protect dragonkind and Azeroth as a whole. Main activities include various quests, exploration and Dragonriding races. Also, the black dragonflight needs some assistance and you can support it by choosing between the two potential leaders Wrathion or Sabellian. You will need to make a choice, but you will get to do this weekly and earn big bonuses and follow up quests.

How to Level Renown

To gain a renown level you are required to obtain 2500 reputation. This is a static number and does not change as you level up. The best way to gain renown is as simple as playing through the game itself. Completing activities such as the main campaign gives you that push forward however completing side quests is vital for that reputation gain.

Once getting to level 70 it opens up the world for you and your alts to complete daily activities. This gives more reputation for the specific factions to support you on gaining your renown. Finally, completing the big weekly quest “aiding the accord” will give you a big injection of reputation towards all of the factions.

Dragonflight Factions Renown Rewards

Below is a summary of the important rewards gained by leveling up renown with each faction;

Dragonscale Expedition;
  • Unlocking exploration-themed activities such as rock climbing and unlocking caves using explosives
  • Access to more world quests and treasure nodes through the continent
  • Ancient waygates for quicker transportation throughout the continent
  • Ilvl 376 Gloves and Ilvl 389 Leg armor items
  • Over 20+ faction specific profession recipes mainly focused around Tailoring and Jewelcrafting
  • 9 Dragonriding customizations such as Maned Crest for Renewed Proto-Drake
  • 6 unique toys
  • 2 new battle pets
  • 2 mounts of which more are obtainable from rewards for activities completed
  • Over 11 cosmetic armor and weapon appearances
Iskaara Tuskarr
  • Access to the weekly community feast event giving good food buffs as well as other rewards
  • Massive upgrade to the fishing profession including automation of catching fish using nets
  • Ilvl 376 Bracers and Ilvl 389 Shoulders
  • 19 Profession recipes mainly geared towards Leatherworking and Jewelcrafting
  • 9 Dragonriding customizations including Blue Scales for the Windborne Velocidrake
  • 7 unique toys
  • 2 battle pets with more available when completing activities
  • 4 mounts with more available when completing activities
  • 47+ cosmetic weapon and armor appearances including a few recolors for back items.
Maruuk Centaur
  • Access to weekly Shikaar hunts across the continent
  • Additional dailies available for reputation, gear and Dragon Isles supplies (currency)
  • Ilvl 376 Boots and Ilvl 389 Chest
  • 19 Profession recipes based mainly around Blacksmithing and Leatherworking
  • 6 Dragonriding customizations including Green Scales for the Highland Drake
  • 4 unique toys including a portable Mailbox (very nice!)
  • 1 Battle Pet with more available through completing Maruuk Centaur activities
  • 1 Mount with more available when completing activities
  • Over 44 cosmetic rewards for weapons and armor.
Valdrakken Accord
  • Access to a specific scenario Called “Siege of Dragonbane Keep” which is available every 2 hours
  • Additional world quests which include Dragonriding Races
  • Continuation to the main “Campaign” questline
  • Ilvl 376 Belt and Ilvl 389 Helm
  • 21 Profession recipes across all the main crafting professions
  • 13 Dragonriding customizations such as Bronze Scales for the Renewed Proto-Drake
  • 6 unique toys
  • 2 Battle pets with more available by completing activities
  • Over 68 Cosmetic rewards

In Summary

There are alot of rewards with the new Dragonflight Factions you focus on working towards. The best thing is that you do not have to choose, unlike Shadowlands. This means you will be able to earn towards renown for ALL factions whilst doing day to day activities. Whatever you decide to do, there is alot more to the game than just doing mythics and raiding. 

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