WoW Dragonflight Profession Changes Full Guide

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Are you Prepared? Dragonflight has arrived, so you better be! Dragonflight is the latest expansion to World of Warcraft. This means that all the systems have likely been developed and we have new and exciting things to explore. Professions in particular have been completely re-developed, they are much more diverse and useful than you may be used to seeing within World of Warcraft. So this leaves us all wondering, what is changes have Blizzard made to Dragonflight Professions? We will be diving into this topic to find out all the important things to know about Dragonflight professions.

Profession Changes in Dragonflight

Let’s briefly cover all the exciting changes to Dragonflight Professions.

  • Profession Crafting Orders.
  • Talent Tree system – Profession Specialization.
  • Material Quality Varieties.
  • Crafting Quality Varieties.

Profession Crafting Orders

Crafting orders are a new way for you to order almost any Dragonflight crafting recipe. You will be able to do this by using a simple in gam, easy to use interface. Players of World of Warcraft will find this system in the Artisan’s Consortium. The Artisan’s Consortium is a new trade organization in the Dragon Isles (Dragonflight).

Ordering an item to be crafted is an individual need so as a result the player can choose when customizing the order how much they wish to offer in terms of a commission to the crafter. The “customer” will then pay a small posting fee and that crafting order will be sent off.

This feature alone will absolutely revolutionize the way that World of Warcraft players make gold with their professions. This will hopefully provide some level of supply and demand to the player base and give many “New” crafters a way to edge into the crafting market.

Professions Talent Tree Specializations

With all of the changes coming to professions in Dragonflight, one of the biggest changes is the introduction of Profession specializations. This new feature will allow you to specialize in your very own form of “special” crafting. This will also be applicable to gathering professions once you’ve gone into the world and leveled your skill to a high enough level.

By simply crafting items you will earn yourself specialization points within your profession and once earnt you will get to spend them on ways to vastly improve key areas of your profession.

What is so unique about the variety of different profession masters, is that players can identify themselves as specific masters of a niche type of item in Dragonflight. Imagine you want to have a truly wonderful breastplate crafted, you aren’t going to ask a weaponsmith to craft you armor are you? You are going to search out a truly spectacular armorsmith to craft you that shiny new breastplate.

Material Quality Varieties

The introduction of quality into Dragonflight comes as a shock to many players who have played World of Warcraft for going on 19 years. This change however is an important change to add more complexity and development into the professions of World of Warcraft. For many years players felt that professions were becoming repetitive and stale so with this change, the players can enjoy leveling their professions and exploring all the new craftable gear and quality types.

In the new item quality system we will have five tiers of quality variety for crafted items and three tiers of quality variety for materials and consumables.

Gear in World of Warcraft professions will now have their ilvl dictated by the quality of materials and crafting components used to create that gear. So if you craft with low quality materials you’ll create a lower item level piece of equipment, but when you craft with higher quality materials you’ll craft a top tier piece of equipment for players at the max level 70 in Dragonflight.

This is a wonderful change especially because it injects new life into the World of Warcraft economy. New tiers of gear quality, material quality and crafted consumable quality means the player base can potentially craft different varieties of quality gear to sell in trade chat or on the auction house, overall meaning the profession economy is reinvigorated.

Crafting Material Varieties

Consumables and materials in Dragonflight have three levels of quality varieties. Food and potions will have three quality levels. Based off the different level of quality you will receive additional benefits from the consumable. If it’s a potion it will become more powerful or long lasting and likewise for if you are consuming a higher quality food source.

Dragonflight Crafting UI Changes

Each crafting profession in Dragonflight has now got a option for the crafter to change the quality of materials they are using to craft that item. This option of quality material will dictate and change the quality of the final product. If you choose low quality materials, then you will end up with a lower quality final item, likewise for higher quality materials. You get out what you put in.

The introduction of recipe difficulty in Dragonflight will ensure that players will need to train their professions rather than power-leveling them in mere minutes.

Your crafting skill will be pitted against the recipe difficulty to determine the outcome. This means that if that skill is higher than the difficulty, you will craft the item at top quality. If your skill is lower than the difficulty require then you will likely craft a lower quality product.

Dragonflight Profession Gear

Players in World of Warcraft Dragonflight will be able to purchase or craft new types of gear for professions. This gear will not take up any of your bag slots and players will automatically swap to using them when you are using your profession.

Dragonflight Profession gear will have specific stats which will benefit your profession. This is going to mean it will be beneficial to you to go ahead

Blizzard has currently released previews for Mining and Jewelcrafting gear appearances, but no bonuses have been specified:

Final Thoughts Regarding Dragonflight Professions

The changes to Dragonflight Professions seem to be positive in nature, it looks like Blizzard are finally listening to the players. They wanted fun professions with some form of progression, now we have that! It will be exciting to see how this continues through Dragonflight and beyond.

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