WoW Dragonflight Returning Players Guide

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Shadowlands is coming to an end, and on now Dragonflight is on the horizon! A ton of players are returning to the game after a long hiatus. But, what has changed since we’ve defeated the Jailer? What is coming, and how can we be prepared for Dragonflight? Let me tell you how in this Returning Players Guide!

Dragonflight What’s Changed?

  • The Shadowlands Intro quest NPC’s will no longer be in major cities. Taking their place will be the intro quests for Dragonflight!
  • Shadowlands Tier Set Bonuses are being disabled prior to Dragonflight. Replacing these tier sets will be the introduction of the newly revamped Talent system!
  • Professions are being entirely overhauled. New systems, new icons, and the ability to create server wide work orders for other players to fill a need that you may have!
  • Dragon Riding will be unlocked following a short quest-line around level 61
  • Dracthyr Evokers will become available on November 15th, 2 weeks before Dragonflights launch!(If you have pre-ordered.)
  • Many new undiscussed NPC model upgrades, new textures, and new UI options to make the game more accommodating! (See this article for the UI Overhaul!)

Tier today and gone tomorrow.

It took 3 raid tiers for Blizzard to bring back tier sets in Shadowlands, and players were met with a massive increase in power. However, as amazing as their return was, the set bonuses will be disabled with the Dragonflight pre-patch. Do not feel obligated to farm and grind and collect those sets, unless you just want the appearances!

Tier is not vanishing for good though, get familiar with the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis! A similar system is returning in Dragonflight and tier sets will be available in the very first raid tier! Arm yourself and reclaim the Dragon Isles!

Dracthyr, and the Evokers!

Towards the end of the Pre-Patch event, Blizzard is releasing the new Race and Class! In Dragonflight, you will be able to embody your inner Dragon Aspect, and take on the dangers of the world as the Half-Dragon Dracthyr! These half dragons can only be the new Class, Evoker. Harness the powers of life and Time to heal wounds! Or bring down fire and magic on your enemies to cause massive damage! This new Race/Class Combo has the most customization of any race in WoW’s history. Join us and spend hours making the perfect Dracthyr, and show off your creations in our Community Discord!

How to Train your Dragon

Dragon Riding is returning as the new Flight System for the Dragon Isles. Now you too can take to the skies on unique dragons that you can customize. Long story short, we will get 4 dragons to customize and level up our skills to better travel the Isles!

Professions, a long time coming!

It has been 18 years, and there has not really been any major changes to the games Profession System. However, in Dragonflight Blizzard is shaking the foundations! Now there will be new icons, new specializations, and even a Work Order system to encourage players! This will breathe new life into professions as a whole. I personally cannot wait to break out my Blacksmith, and live out my dream of the local armor smith! Let’s get crafting and take the Dragon Isles by storm!

What’s changed?

  • Auction House Merger: The Auction houses are now totally cross faction, and all Commodities (Anything that stacks and trade goods.) are available region wide! This lead to a major economy shift, but now smaller servers can make gold with professions!
  • Cross Faction Gameplay: You can now do some content with players, regardless of faction! There are even more opportunities coming with cross faction, including Cross Faction Guilds! Theres no release date for this part yet, but it is in the works!

Welcome back, and let us get going!

I am glad to see everyone coming back to the game, and I am excited to see everything coming in the future. It’s time to dust off your Alts, finish up the Shadowlands Story if you haven’t, and get ready to storm the Dragon Isles! I hope you’ve enjoyed this Dragonflight Returning Players article! Prepare yourself by maxing out all interesting professions, and keep your eyes here on, as we will be cranking out articles, news coverage, and updates for everything Dragonflight!

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