Dragon Riding Overview- Dragonflight

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With the introduction of Dragonflight, players are given the ability to take to the skies once again. However, this time it isn’t your standard flying! You take wing on the back of a mighty dragon that comes in 4 different models! With the new dragons, and the new Zone, become the master of aerial travel by reading this Dragon Riding Overview!

How does Dragon Riding work?- Explained

Dragon Riding is a Momentum and energy based movement system, very similar to the flying system in Guild Wars. Your dragon comes equipped with the ability to jump into the air to gain height, or dive forwards or downwards to build speed. The use of these abilities relies on your dragons Energy, which you will upgrade as you explore the world!

an example of Dragon Riding showing the aura around you as you increase speed.

To take full advantage of the movement system, you will need to learn how to move effectively. Our recommendation is to begin either from a high point, or by using the Jump ability to get higher. Once you are gliding, dash downwards or angle your camera. This will give you a burst of speed! This is VERY fast, up to 830% faster than normal movement!

How To Train Your Dragon (Riding)? – Answered

As mentioned above, improving your dragons abilities and energy is based solely off how much you choose to explore the Dragon Isles. There are Glyphs hidden around the isles. These Glyphs are floating in the air in some hidden locations, and once you fly through them you gain 1 talent point. These points are usable in your Dragon Skills Track. To access this menu, select the Dragon Isles Summary icon on your mini-map, and then choose “View” under the Skills and Unlocks section.

Dragon Glyph
Dragon Track and Dragon Isles Summary

This Skill Track is fairly linear and is only complete once you unlock ALL talents. To do this, you will need to collect all dragon glyphs, which can you can track by checking the Glyph Hunter achievements!

Make sure to check out our other article on tips for finding the dragon glyphs!

Practice your Dragon Riding!

Around the Dragon Isles there are Dragon Races, which guide you through speed/obstacle courses. These courses are a great way to learn how to best use your dragon, without having to learn the system all on your own!

Proto-Dragon traveling through on of the Azure Span races.

As an added bonus, once you reach Renown 7 with the Valdrakken Accord, you can get World Quests for the races. The rewards for completing these races are bags of gold worth 500+ gold a piece!

Making your dragon your own.

There are SO many customization options for your dragons. There are 4 base models that you unlock via the campaign quests. Each of the 4 models have hundreds upon hundreds of customization combinations!

Renewed Proto-Drake
HIghlands Drake
Cliffside Wilderdrake

Many of these customization options are obtainable through Reputations, as well as drops. The most sought after options currently are the Black Dragon scale options, obtained by raising your reputation with Wrathion/Sabellian!

There are also 2 options that change the fundamental model of your dragon. One is a PvP reward that applies to your Highland Drake (Blue) and is a reward for PvP, and the 2nd is a Razageth Model for your Proto-Drake! This is a rare drop from Razsageth in the Vault of Incarnates raid!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Dragon Riding Overview, make sure to keep checking back for even more breakdowns and answers to questions our community has!

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