Dragonflight – Profession Knowledge Quests

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Profession Knowledge is a valuable resource in Dragonflight. There are a ton of one time uses, first time crafts, and one time quests to get a head start. But what do you do AFTER you’ve gotten all of your one time boosts? Well, that’s simple. Do your chores!

Weekly Quests – Train Your Brain!

Every week there are going to be a few quests you can find in Valdrakken, either from the Artisan’s Consortium or your profession trainer directly.

Most of these quests involve crafting something from your profession, gathering materials from around the world, or killing mobs to collect some relics or materials for an NPC!

Once a month – Darkmoon Faire

You can complete profession quests in the Darkmoon Faire once a month while its in town! You’ll be awarded 2 skill points and some knowledge for your trouble, make sure to check it out the first full week of every month!

We have a full article on this already, take a look! DMF Profession Guide.

Draconic Treatises – Scribes are useful!

There is a Draconic Treatise for every profession. These are useable once a week. These can only be made via Crafting Order to be filled by a Scribe (Or Inscriptionist… whichever word you prefer.) as these items are BoP and require Artisan’s Mettle to craft.

Dragonshards of Knowledge – TURN THEM IN!

After a short questline you can turn these in to Khadin in the Ohn’ahran Plains. These turn ins will give you large amounts of Artisan’s Mettle (x50) and 1 free knowledge per turn in. There is no weekly limit or maximum to how many shards you can turn in. So you can safely hoard them until you are ready to bank them all, or turn them in as you need Artisan’s Mettle!

As you travel through the world, make sure to touch base with your trainers and the Consortium back in Valdrakken! It never hurts to hone your skills and keeping your brain (and tools) sharp! Best of luck in gathering your Profession Knowledge!

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