What would WOW on Console be like?

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WoW on Console has been topic of discussion ever since the Microsoft-Blizzard purchasing talks began. Would WoW end up on Xbox or other consoles? What would that even be like? Well, come along with Battle-Shout as we discuss what WoW on console just might be like!

Is WoW coming to Xbox? -Solved

First off, we CANNOT confirm that WoW is coming to Xbox. We can, however, speculate! Blizzard has really been ramping up accessibility option production. With new camera options, modular UI, and the option to repeat casts by holding down a key, console play is coming closer than ever! Along with these new features, the new Class Evoker has new spell mechanics! With the option to charge abilities to increase area or damage, or even grant new effects, fast reactionary gameplay is the future. These abilities are very similar to Skill Shots and features seen in games such as Elder Scrolls Online (Which is available on consoles/PC.) or DC Universe Online! (Also on consoles/PC.) All of these changes make using Addons such as Console Port so much easier! All of this being said, WoW on console is definitely an option in the future. We as a community just need to show Blizzard it would be a welcome addition!

What would WoW be like to play on Console?

WoW on Console would be fast-paced and incredibly fun! Using Console Port I have been able to speculate and test what WoW on Console would control like. So far, I have played Evoker, DK, and Shaman. All 3 of these classes use target AoE’s, increased movement abilities, and even some of the new mechanics listed above. Using a controller has been a revolutionary experience for me, and has given weight to classes I would have previously not even enjoyed! Now that I can move and dodge the fire with an analog stick, use my gust of wind in a reactionary manner to dodge a bosses ultimate move, and even glide over obstacles with an immediate response, the game feels more alive! If you want to see some of our info on using Console Port for yourself, check out our previous article Here!

Vulpera DK playing with controler using Console Port Addon.

Would Console WoW be possible? -Answered

Currently, no. WoW on console is not feasible. In the future however, it could be! Blizzard is going to have to make some major changes. Namely to their Netcoding for match making (Both PvP and PvE.) and how their cross realm server systems work. They will also need to revamp almost every class to have fewer buttons, and more reactionary abilities. Fewer stand still and shoot, and more combos and fast paced combat! If Blizzard adopts more skill shot based class styles similar to Guild Wars, Final Fantasy XIV, and Elder Scrolls Online then they would be able to compete in the Console MMO Genre. Now, whether or not this is a healthy decision or direction to take the game into is a completely different conversation. There are many arguments to be made both For and Against WoW on Console, but over all I don’t think that anyone can disagree with whether or not it’s possible!

Will Console WoW revive the player-base?

In my opinion, yes. It would. WoW has gradually been leaning towards more and more complicated and strenuous system requirements. If Blizzard opened WoW up to the console market, they would have the possibility of putting the game in the hands of a much larger audience! Consoles are becoming much more common in the home. In the future, if WoW comes to console, those players might even out number the PC player-base!

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