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  • Dragonflight Sparks of Ingenuity

    Dragonflight Sparks of Ingenuity

    Welcome heroes to another Battle Shout guide! This guide is going to teach you about Spark’s of Ingenuity. What is a spark of ingenuity, how do you get sparks of ingenuity, can you only have 5 sparks of ingenuity? All of those questions and more will be answered in this guide. What are Sparks of…

  • Broodkeeper Diurna Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

    Broodkeeper Diurna Boss Guide – Vault of Incarnates Raid

    Not the boss you’re looking for? Check out the Vault of the Incarnates Overview for a list of all bosses and guides! Introduction Broodkeeper Diurna. Perverter of Dragon Kind, and traitor to her flight. This guide is aimed at helping normal and heroic level encounters. This 2 phase fight will test your raids ability to…

  • Dragonflight –  Profession Knowledge Quests

    Dragonflight – Profession Knowledge Quests

    Profession Knowledge is a valuable resource in Dragonflight. There are a ton of one time uses, first time crafts, and one time quests to get a head start. But what do you do AFTER you’ve gotten all of your one time boosts? Well, that’s simple. Do your chores! Weekly Quests – Train Your Brain! Every…

  • Dragonflight- Hidden Profession Masters

    Dragonflight- Hidden Profession Masters

    In Dragonflight, there are a TON of ways to increase your Profession Knowledge. One of the most helpful ways, but often overlooked, are the Profession Masters. These are Master’s of their craft that are fast at work studying the burgeoning Dragon Isles. Seek them out for a one time boost to your Profession Knowledge! I…

  • Revival Catalyst- Where Is It?

    Revival Catalyst- Where Is It?

    With the arrival of 10.0.5, the Revival Catalyst has been introduced! Use the Revival Catalyst to transform Non-Tier gear into Tier Pieces! The location has been shared on Blizzards social medias, but we don’t all follow them. This quick article will show you how to get started, and how to get there! Talk to Watcher…

  • Making gold with Dragonflight Herbalism

    Making gold with Dragonflight Herbalism

    In this article we are going to how to make gold using the mining profession in WoW Dragonflight. We are going to look at the best ways to maximise your profession through specialisations as well as key things to look out for when farming a zone. Get your gardening gloves ready and read on



    In Deepwind Gorge each group must guard its own mining cart while trying to steal the other’s. Taking control of a cart will earn your team points, and the first team to achieve 500 points will win.



    Capturing the towers and gates will give your team control of that lane. If your team is able to take control of all three lanes, they will be able to drive back the other team.

  • How to Unlock Void Elf

    How to Unlock Void Elf

    Welcome World of Wacraft completionist. Found yourself asking “How do I unlock Void Elf?” or “How Do I create a Void Elf?” We’re going to break it down and go into detail on exactly how to unlock the void elf in WoW!