Tips and Tricks for Leveling in Shadowlands Fast

There are so many ways to level up in World of Warcraft Shadowlands that sometimes the good tips and tricks can be forgotten. In this World of Warcraft blog we will tell you exactly how you can can level fast in Shadowlands 50-60 with these useful tips and tricks. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is right around the corner, but we aren’t out of the Shadowlands quite yet. Here’s a few tips and tricks that anyone can use to level up alts fast to get ready to defend Azeroth once again! 

Threads of Fate

Level Fast in Shadowlands with Threads of Fate. Threads of Fate is an awesome mode that any you can select on an alt after they’ve completed the Shadowlands Campaign on a single character. Threads of Fate allows you to level from 50-60 in any zone and in any order that you wish. This is generally considered the best way to level in Shadowlands as this freedom to choose keeps you from having to do the same quests in the same order over and over. 

Torghast Daily Quest

If you are using the Threads of Fate method, you have access to Torghast early! To level super fast in Shadowlands with this tip you will want to make sure once a day you enter the Torghast Tower of the Damned and pick up a quest that offers MASSIVE exp for completing any wing of your choice. This gives you the opportunity for fast exp, practice, and a break from the overworld if you just needed to step away for a bit!

Wormhole Generator – Shadowlands

If you have this Shadowlands Engineering toy, AND you are an Engineer, then you have access to a VERY fast method of teleporting around the Shadowlands! This is an amazing tip to level fast in 50-60 in shadowlands: Use this Wormhole Generator to teleport to essentially any Shadowlands zone in a matter of seconds, cutting down on Load Screens and Flight Masters! Just beware the Cooldown, make sure you have your hearthstone on you and you set that hearthstone to Oribos!

Rested Experience

This is a basic tip but often forgotten! One thing that many new players are unaware of, and even some pro’s forget about, is Rested Experience! Have you ever noticed that your exp bar turns blue? This is called Rested Experience and gives you an incredible bonus to your exp gain from killing creatures and opening treasures! You accrue this Rested exp by logging out or spending time in Rest Areas. A Rest Area is any major city or Inn (a location with an Inkeeper will always be a rest area!)! One bonus tip here to level fast in Shadowlands with rested experience is to level several characters at once completing quests when you have rested experience (Blue) and switching to another character when it runs out. This way you are maximising your time to level across all of your characters.

Gathering Professions Are Your Friend

Many people find Gathering Professions to be tedious or time consuming chores necessary for leveling the cool professions. What people dont think about or mention, is that you can get experience from Herbalism and Mining nodes, Like, ALOT of exp! This tip if used correctly will help you level fast in Shadowlands If you pair gathering professions with Rested Exp, you can end up gaining levels almost effortlessly and accidentally! So rest up, slap on the Shadowlands Gathering enchantment to your gloves, and get out there! Picking flowers and mining ore has never been so rewarding!

There is so much more I could list out for you guys. Leveling is advancing so fast and just keeps getting easier! It feels like every patch brings in a ton of new ways and catch up mechanics that reward players for actually playing the game. I hope that what was shared today will help you in your journey, and I cannot wait to see all of your new characters in Dragonflight!

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